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Nanterre, France 1887:

    The town was nearly empty, and many of the street lamps had been blown out by the harsh March wind. A rattling of carriage wheels echoed across the town square, through the vacant alleys and across sleeping rooftops. These carriages, large and dark, were pulled by bulky horses at a slow pace. The damp air fell heavily over the hooded figure who, with his whip, led the hushed procession through the sleepy town.
    Another cloaked figure, one belonging to a small woman, rushed from one of the carriages to a nearby wall. With a flick of the wrist, a colorful advertisement was posted upon the once barren bricks. With a twirl of her cape, she quickly returned to the side of the carriage, quite eager to continue their trek.
    Through the hushed town, only a short walk out of the gates, lay a large and empty pasture. The grass was thick and tall, untouched for many years. It had once belonged to a farmer, but had been purchased from him for one sole purpose: homing a circus.
    The horses then dragged the heavy carriages onto the land, forming a large circle. The carriages were settled off to the side, and from their bellies emerged many cloaked figures of varying sizes. Some were tall as a house, and others were no taller than a fence. The man atop the carriage leapt down and joined the throng of passengers. They made way for him, stepping from his path without a word. He made his way into the center of the land, and after a moment of silence, his voice rang out sharp in the cold night.
    “And so, my friends, our story begins!”
A young boy who dreams of becoming a magician, a snake charmer searching for love, a ringmaster of theday, and a ringmaster of the night. There's more to this circus than meets the eye, and its up to a young apprentice to discover just what happens to this Circus when the sun goes down.

This is a project that I'm working on with my friend KikiraAngel She's drawing all the super pretty art :D We're also working together on how the story will go, generally. Let me know what you think down below!
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April 17, 2016
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